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Natural Playdough Summer Edition – Muscat


Terra greca..White & grape green marbled natural playdough with muscat scent .

This summer collection 2022 is tribute to the beauty of the greek natural environment

Bluberry Natural Playdough ®️  has a unique soft consistency, natural aroma of essential oils and specially colours, without artificial additives.

BLUBERRY KIDSROOM is a small business founded in Greece in 2019, launching fully natural products for kids and families, and attaches great importance to high quality. From choosing the start ingredients up to the packaging, they keep everything on a natural basis and always try to avoid the use of synthetic and chemical materials.

Product Based on Montessori Sensory Play, BLUBBERY NATURAL PLAYDOUGH stimulate most of your children’s senses. Haptic fun, gender-neutral colours and they all smell fantastic. With BLUBERRY NATURAL PLAYDOUGH children can let their creativity run free. Putting back into the jar or paper bag after playing, the playdough will last up to 9 months in its original consistency. If you air-dry it, your playdough will get hard and will keep its form. Please keep in mind that playdough may spoil or mold if dirt or foreign objects get under. You should storage the playdough in a dry place with no direct sunlight, in the original jars or paper bags, or in your own airtight container.

• mix of various stickers

• packaging: PET jar & craft box 150g


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Remaining/Maximum Characters: 100/100
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Please note that BLUBERRY NATURAL PALYDOUGH is a natural and handmade product, there may be minimal variations in the color range. In addition, pure sea salt serves the playdough as a preservative, if you have not used the playdough for a long time and small salt crystals have settled on the surface, this is completely normal. The playdough does not lose its quality. Give your playdough a small massage with your hands and it is immediately soft again and you can continue playing with it.

BLUBERRY NATURAL PLAYDOUGH is non-toxic, but not edible.

Children should be supervised by parents while playing. For children under the age of 3, playdough is not recommended.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

Blueberry Kidsroom


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