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  • Light Versatile Pillow
    Meet LIGHT by OstrichPillow. A pillow for any occasion, whether it's for the home office or travelling. Light can be worn around your neck or as an eye cover, making it easy to rest your head no matter where life takes you. Thanks to its versatility and light weight that allows you to take a break here, there and everywhere. Use it as a travel pillow, day pillow, reading pillow, commuting pillow, lounging pillow... Its unique design lends itself to be portable, comfortable, and totally adaptable to your comfort with the integrated fit adjuster. Together with the next generation coated microbead filling create a perfect partnership, helping you drift calmly into relaxation mode. Colour: Midnight Grey. Being fully reversible, Light gives you a choice of 2 colors depending on your mood, outfit, or occasion.
  • Mini Handy Pillow
    Meet MINI by OstrichPillow. It's your break, Make it comfy! Whether you're commuting, at work, studying, or even t that Zoom call, you'll always have that comfy moment of relaxation within arm's rech. With a handy and versatile design that makes it easy to nap in various positions, Mini offers a comfy and compact energy boost whether you're at your desk, living room, or even your breakfast table! Slip it over your hand, forearm, or elbow to take a convenient power nap anytime, anywhere. Colour: Midnight Grey
  • Go Neck Pillow
    Meet GO by OstrichPillow. Your dose of comfort, every day. Give your body the chance to always be cozy and prepared for the challenges that may come. With its supportive memory foam core and ergonomic design, Go offers the best comfort for the frequent traveller...and homebound traveller. Whether you're reading, relaxing, or planning your next trip. Unlike U shaped pillows, Go offers total neck support thanks to its unique 360° design. Colour: Grey and Blue