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  • Dollhouse
    Makedo kits can be used in many ways to make many different things. This kit provides exactly what you need to create your very own dollhouse using the guided instructions and boxes you can find in your home! With 26 safe pins, 26 clips, 4 lock-hinges and 1 safe-saw, now you can assemble the dollhouse of your dreams and decorate it with the 'dollhouse inspired' sticker sheets included with your kit. Awesome, right? Also, with 57 reusable parts altogether, you'll have the perfect amount to kick off your creations! The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild Makedo products are about 'making do' with the materials you have around you at home or school. Rather than tossing out old shoe boxes or milk cartons, Makedo encourages you to see the creative possibilities in the re-use of everyday items!