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    Let's go cycling kiddos!! The Moonbug 40 cm wheel bike by Bobbin is a classic bike designed for children aged 4-6 years. It features a gloss paint finish, colour-matched stabilisers (training wheels), comfortable tyres, smart brown grips and embossed Bobbin sprung saddle. All models now come with cream colour tyres and cream stabiliser wheels, a very cool dark wicker basket and a ding-dong bell. Colour-matched mudguards and chainguard keep your mini Bobbin rider’s outfit neat and tidy. Perfect for the mini-me in your life! Bobbin symbolises the excitement and enjoyment of cycling, this is reflective in the name of their first bike called the, ‘Birdie’. This is a metaphor for, ‘the first flight’ which symbolises a start of a journey; and whatever journey or adventure you are on it has a beginning, middle and end. Each bike in the Bobbin ranges keeps things simple, choose a Bobbin bike based on look and feel and do not worry about complicated components that makes choosing a bike over complicated. Simple design features, such as mudguards, chain guards, rear racks offer a pleasing and clean riding experience. Whether you are cycling around town, villages, parks, commuting or even cycling with the kids a Bobbin bike will beautifully cater to your needs! Once the magic of owning a Bobbin bike settles in, this cycling bug will make any other mode of transport feel unimaginative, cycling: free the mind, body and soul.